About Us

Since 2014

Our company has been operating since 2014, its headquarters is in Dubai and as of 2019, we are active in 3 countries (Dubai, Erbil-Iraq, Lviv-Ukraine); As of 2020, it is an investment and fund management institution that will start operating in Singapore, Istanbul, Hong Kong.


We aimed to be among the best investment companies by proving our service and product quality in the international arena with our experience, dedication to work and infrastructure.


PriceBox Fx, which was born in Dubai and spread to the world today, has made it a responsibility to offer a quality and fast service to its investors with all its participants.

Our Experienced Analysts

You can learn daily analysis, reviews and news from the industry's leading analysts, along with their resumes.

Özkan Kaya

Investment Advisor

Murat Koç

Investment Advisor

Aslan Şafak

Investment Advisor

ÖZgür Öztürk

Investment Advisor